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Holly House Publications encourages you to visit the web sites listed below. You will find examples of Christian disciples engaged in Christian service. You will find information that will help you better understand the meaning of Christian discipleship. You will find opportunities for participation in Christian service and resources to help you participate.

Christian Community Development Association
An association of churches and parachurch organizations committed to the revitalization of depressed neighborhoods through a Christian understanding of neighbor. Founded by John Perkins, who is known at Holly House as the Apostle John.

Christian Missionary Fellowship
A Christian missionary agency supported by independent Christian churches of the Restoration Movement that are associated with the North American Christian Convention. (See below under "Restoration Movement.")

Cornerstone Forum
An ongoing conversation, online and live, with author and lecturer Gil Bailie concerning the anthropological significance of the Incarnation; inspired by the insights of René Girard; informed by Catholic Theology and Western Literature. Two must-read books: Gil Bailie's Violence Unveiled and René Girard's I See Satan Fall Like Lightning.

Emmanuel Christian Seminary
A Christian seminary that encourages tough-minded thinking and taking Jesus seriously (where they know about Will Robinson!)

Habitat for Humanity
A world-wide organization that coordinates volunteers to build safe, decent, affordable houses for families that would otherwise be living in poverty; originally a ministry of Koinonia Farm, Americus, Georgia. (See below under "Koinonia Partners.")

Harambee Ministries
A neighborhood center for Christian community development in Pasadena, California; established by John Perkins in 1982. Harambee is Swahili for "Let's get together and push!" (See above under "Christian Community Development Association.")

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
A nation-wide association that organizes groups of Christians for mutual support in Christian service among students on college and university campuses; supported by the Evangelical Christian community.

Koinonia Partners
Originally Koinonia Farm, established in 1942 by Clarence Jordan as an inter-racial collective farm near Americus, Georgia. Clarence Jordan is best known for his "cotton patch" translation of the New Testament.

An international organization that establishes and governs household communities where people with developmental disabilities and those who assist them share life together. Founded by Jean Vanier, who is known at Holly House as the Apostle Jean. A must-read book is Jean Vanier's Community and Growth.

The Little Brothers of Jesus
Founded in France in 1933, a Roman Catholic congregation of religious brothers inspired by the life and writings of Charles de Foucauld. The congregation is organized into small communities that focus on the celebration of the Eucharist, simple manual labor in the spirit of the Catholic Worker Priests, and times of spiritual retreat into the desert. Carlo Carretto has written about his experiences as a member of the congregation in Letters from the Desert.

The Plough Publishing House
Until 2005, a publishing house of the Bruderhof communities; presently a distribution center for articles and e-books. The Bruderhof, an anabaptist society, was founded in 1920 by Eberhard Arnold. A must read book is Eberhard Arnold's Salt and Light.

The Potter's House
A restaurant, bookstore, gift shop, concert venue, theatre, art gallery, and gathering place for "innocent conversation," Christian worship, and community action in Washington, DC; maintained by the Potter's House Church, a faith community birthed by Church of the Saviour. Church of the Savior, "an ecumenical church," was founded in 1947 by Gordon Cosby. Two must-read books by Elizabeth O'Connor describe Gordon Cosby's vision of life together in Christian community: Call to Commitment and Journey Inward, Journey Outward.

The Restoration Movement
A reformation that began in America and the British Isles at the dawn of the Nineteenth Century among churches whose members thought of themselves, not as the only Christians, but as Christians only.

Windows Booksellers
A bookstore that specializes in books on Christian discipleship and Christian community where you can find books by Will Robinson. (To name two: Whither Theology? and The Biblical Doctrine of the Church).

Wipf and Stock Publishers
A publishing house that is making available to the present generation of readers major works on Christian discipleship and Christian community from earlier generations.

World Relief
A disaster relief agency supported by the Evangelical Christian community.

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