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Our mission is to equip Christian disciples for Christian service. Scroll down to see our publications on Christian faith and discipleship. A holly icon indicates that an item is available free in pdf format.

Titles by Dean Summers

Advent: Readings, Songs, Meditations, Prayers for a Family Celebration
Advent is the season of the Christian Year that begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. It is a time for celebrating Jesus as the light of the world. Advent the book is a little package of readings, songs, meditations, and prayers for a simple, meaningful way to celebrate Advent with your family and friends. It will give you a way to slow down December to allow you to savor Christmas.

Price: $10.00

Format: 7½ x 7 Trade Paper, 88 pages
Pub. Date:

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A great gift-giving idea for your family when you gather for Thanksgiving!
Order before November 15 to insure delivery in time for the Advent season.

The Bible in Its Historical Setting
A ready-reference guide to Bible history.

FREE! Download (pdf)

Format: 5 x 8 Brochure, 4 pages
Pub. Date: 09/03/2006

Bible 101: The Bible for Beginners
Prepare for the challenge and thrill of reading the Bible in big bites with interest and insight. Ten lessons with notes for the teacher. Excellent for the classroom, as a small-group study, or for independent study.

Price: $12.00

Format: 8 x 11 Trade Paper, 92 pages
ISBN: 978-1577260929
Pub. Date: 07/08/2013
Item: 092

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Forgiveness from God Our Father
An illustrated walk toward receiving forgivess and offering forgiveness.

Price: $2.00*

Format: 5 x 8 Booklet, 36 pages
ISBN: 157726083X
Pub. Date: 06/08/2001
Item: 083

* First 12: $2.00 each
    Additional copies: $1.00 each

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From Christ to Christian Community
A ready-reference guide on the importance of the New Testament to the Christian community.

FREE! Download (pdf)

Format: 8 x 11 Loose Leaf, 1 page
Pub. Date: 11/03/2009

Fundamentals or Foundation
An essay on a Christian alternative to Christian Fundamentalism.

FREE! Download (pdf)

Format: 8 x 11 Loose Leaf, 16 pages
Pub. Date: 10/09/2010

God's New World Order: The Gospel in Plain Talk
A plan for telling the good news of the Kingdom.

Price: $2.00

Format: 5 x 8 Booklet, 16 pages
ISBN: 1577260708
Pub. Date: 01/25/97
Item: 070

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The Good Life: The Sermon on the Mount
(A Disciple's Reading)
A plain-talk translation of the Sermon on the Mount with background notes and an overview of the first thirty years of the Jesus Movement.

Price: $12.00

Format: 4.3 x 6.9 Trade Paper, 86 pages
ISBN: 978-1577260905
Pub. Date: 05/09/2011
Item: 090

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It's Greek to Me! A Glossary of Christian Talk
A wordbook for understanding Christians.

Price: $2.50

Format: 5 x 8 Booklet, 20 pages
ISBN: 1577260716
Pub. Date: 01/25/97
Item: 071

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Marching to Zion
The Way of Jesus as a guide to life and love (the part-one companion of To Sit at the Welcome Table). Topics include How to Receive the Holy Spirit and How to Hear a Word from God. Twelve chapters, each with questions for group discussion. Reviewed by Dr. LeRoy Lawson in The Christian Standard.

Read Dr. Lawson's review in The Christian Standard

Price: $15.95

Format: 6 x 9 Trade Paper, 156 pages
ISBN: 978-1577260899
Pub. Date: 12/01/2008
Item: 089

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School of Christian Ministry
A three-year curriculum in Adult Christian Education. A plan for equipping Christian Disciples for Christian Service.

FREE! Download (pdf)

Format: 8½ x 11 Loose Leaf, 22 pages
Pub. Date: 01/30/2012

The Sermon Workbook: God's Word for God's People
A workbook for preachers. Helps you preach so people will know what you're talking about and what you expect them to do about it!

Price: $12.50

Format: 8½ x 11 Loose Leaf in a 3-Ring Binder, 56 pages
ISBN: 1577260538
Pub. Date: 11/12/96
Item: 053

Additional worksheets available:
Set of 52 - $5.00 (Item 054)

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To Be a Missionary
A coloring book that teaches children about missionaries.

Price: $2.50

Format: 5 x 8 Coloring Book, 20 pages
ISBN: 1577260783
Pub. Date: 03/10/98
Item: 078

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To Sit at the Welcome Table
The Way of Jesus as a guide to life together (the part-two companion of Marching to Zion). Topics include The Politics of Compassion, Prophetic Justice, and Jehovah's True Witnesses. Thirteen chapters, each with questions for group discussion.

Price: $15.95

Format: 6 x 9 Trade Paper, 152 pages
ISBN: 978-1577260912
Pub. Date: 07/04/2012
Item: 091

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Walk in Freedom: A 12-Step Program for the Church
Thomas Campbell's 13 Propositions (Twelve Steps Plus One)
Campbell's Eighteenth-Century Scot-Irish cadence side by side a contemporary English rendering.

FREE! Download (pdf)

Or $2.50 per printed copy

Format: 5 x 8 Booklet, 20 pages
ISBN: 1577260740
Pub. Date: 07/18/97
Item: 074

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Your Profile for Christian Service
A worksheet that helps you identify your special call to Christian service. Includes the companion study Spiritual Gifts.

Price: $1.00

Format: Two 8 x 11 Brochures, 4 pages each
ISBN: 1577260791 & 1577260805
Pub. Date: 09/10/99
Item: 079

Also Available: Pack of 50
$35.00 (Item 079-50)

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